Cheap Stump Grinding Brisbane
Once a tree lopper has cut down your tree you are left with an ugly stump sticking out of the ground. We offer a hassle free low priced service for removing tree stumps in and around the Brisbane suburban home (servicing North Brisbane up to Caboolture).

Small trees can be pulled out of the ground using our Dingo Min Digger. Larger tree stumps can be ground out using our stump grinder. Pulling a tree out can only be done on small trees and removes more than grinding. However it can only be carried out for small trees and can disturb the ground around the tree.

Why Remove a Tree Stump?
Old tree stumps are unsightly and act as a trip hazard.
Old tree stumps attract white ants into your yard.
Old tree stumps are a waste of space.

Please Remember:
Our machinery needs 1.05mm wide access point to grind out your old tree stumps.
It saves time and money if your tree lopper cuts the tree close to the ground.
Advice is free and only a phone call away Contact Details for Stump Grinding Brisbane to Caboolture.

For advice on removing an old tree stump or a quote you can find our Contact Details for Stump Grinding Brisbane to Caboolture.